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    Hi Derek

    The short answer is no there isn’t. But not because its a missing feature, but because it’s not really how media fit with sources.

    If you attach a lot of images to a single source, they will ALL display every time you link to that source!

    Normally, you first, as you have done create a source. Then when you add a record (person, family, etc.), or you create fact/event for a record (birth, death, marriage, etc) and link from that to your source and then add a “citation” to the source specific to that fact or event.

    In pre-digital times that source would commonly be a book (housed in a library or “REPOsitory ). The citation would then be a reference to the page and perhaps paragraph, within that book, such as “page 97; para: 3”. You might also add a media object at that time, which would have been an image of that page (or part of).

    There is no value in attaching a whole bunch of media objects to a source. Instead, reference them when you add the person, or event that they depict.

    Part of the functionality of media objects is that they can be linked to multiple records, so not limited to your “source”.

    You CAN attach a media object to a source (not the singular grammar used). Its sole purpose would be to depict the source itself – so perhaps an image of the album, rather than the pages within it.

    Does that make sense?

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