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    I think the code in the GEDCOM file was generated by a genealoy program, probably Legacy. The way it’s organised is as follows…………..

    Thanks, James, that’s very helpful.

    Try the attached version of the same file ( kiwitrees/gedrecord.php ). It should now let you edit your S0 reference.

    Note: this is a temporary fix. It improves slightly on the previous version, but ultimately there should be a complete “SUBM” record structure similar to, for example, SOUR or NOTE. This because the GEDCOM specification actually requires a minimum of one SUBM record, but allows an infinite number. You can have a SUBM record and attached name/address/ etc details attached to ANY other record, be it a person, family, source, media object etc…. If used correctly it allows any or every record in your tree to be referenced to the person who supplied it!

    But I know of very few people who use such a feature, and even software that can handle it. So it’s not going to be a high priority for me.

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