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    Thanks for your prompt reply, Nigel. I’m not in this for the technical challenge so I think I’ll simply use your hosting service rather than mess around with the intricacies of server/SQL issues. Thanks for your help, though.

    Happy to help. I will contact you off-forum to discuss this further.

    Before I sign up I should tell you that I can only access your site through a VPN. Otherwise, I get an error message “You don’t have permission to access / on this server.” I assume “/” refers to the root directory. I can’t tell if the problem is on my end or with my ISP (cable provider Spectrum) or possibly on your end. Any thoughts?

    It could be any number of issues. One that springs to mind is IP blocking. I seem to recall you had a lot of issues with registering or logging in to this site some time ago. It is possible your IP address is, as a result of frequent failed attempts to log in, now blocked at this end. I would like to fix this before proceeding with your sign up for hosting services, as it is likely to be an issue there as well. The hosting service uses the server as this forum.

    To test this, please open a non-VPN connected browser. Try to connect to Assuming it fails, type “whatsmyip” in the browser’s URL/search box. That will tell you your IP address (something like “”). Send that to me and I’ll see if it is on our server’s blacklist.

    Meanwhile, I’ll move this out of the “Bug report” area, as I suspect it is not actually a kiwitrees software bug.

    My personal kiwitrees site is