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    Is it possible to modify the SUBM (submitter) information in a gedcom in Kiwitrees? The submitter information in my gedcom file is out of date, and I’d like to modify it in Kiwitrees, without exporting/editing/importing the gedcom file. The SUBM tag appears as

    0 @[email protected] SUBM

    in the gedcom file, but this “source” does not appear in the list of sources, so how does one edit it?

    I did add a partial solution to this a couple of years ago, but it seems it is no longer working correctly. To see what I mean, type “SUBM” (no quotes) in the general “Search” field in your site’s header/menu area. You should see the submitter record returned on screen. It should be editable but currently isn’t.

    Now replace the file kiwitrees/gedrecord.php with the one from the zip folder attached below here and try the same again. Hopefully, you will now get a “Raw GEDCOM edit” screen where you can change the contents.

    For more information about what can,/can not be included in a SUBM record have a look at the GEDCOM specification (available at ) on page 28.

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