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    Is this using the same database you used when you tried to install kiwitrees-nova (ref your post:

    Are you now trying to upgrade from kiwitrees-nova to kiwitrees 3.3.4? If so, sorry, that’s not a possibility. You will be able to upgrade from kiwitrees to kiwitrees-nova (when released) but not the other way round.

    If you have installed the kiwitrees-nova software, then you may have a lot of duplicate files, with different names. So you might be better off starting with a fresh installation, for both files and database. If losing data, user details etc is a concern then I can assist with advice on moving core components and tidying up duplications.

    Note also that kiwitrees 3.3.4 is now obsolete. Please download kiwitrees 3.3.5 from here:

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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