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    I made some progress with the 3.3.4 version which I installed from scratch. I imported several gedcom files and most things seem to work. I imported kt_placelocation table from my old database and Google Maps displays events at their correct location.

    Some of those issues are normal setup requirements for a new site, others relate to the risks of tinkering with tables directly. In general, I advise against that, though there are a couple of “safe” exceptions. But many tables are interlinked and cannot be touched without knowing how the linkages work.

    To address each issue…
    1. Choosing a Gedcom from the “Home” menu produces a URL of the form
    Thanks for that. It is a bug not previously reported. To fix replace the file kiwitrees/library/KT/MenuBar.php with the one in the zip folder attached below here.
    Items 2,3, and 5
    I lot of features are disabled on initial installation. This is to avoid overwhelming new users. Instead, a commonly used set of default modules are enabled and configured in a “standard” way common to many first installs. Later, or once install is complete for experienced users, more modules can be enabled (Administration > Modules > Manage modules), their access levels and (in some cases) positioning set in the appropriate page (the other options under Administration > Modules)

    The Administration > Tools list of 15 you mention is a good example. I suspect you never used a good many of those. So now you don’t have them adding to the clutter, but can add any if you want them.

    4. Administration – Site administration – Server usage
    It is working on most sites I’ve seen, but it can be slow to load. It’s not something designed for regular use. It was actually added primarily for kiwitrees-hosted clients where database and storage use are factors in their annual hosting charges.

    Check your kiwitrees and/or server logs to see if an error was generated. My first guess would be a time-out of some sort,

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