• #10616

    I made some progress with the 3.3.4 version which I installed from scratch. I imported several gedcom files and most things seem to work. I imported kt_placelocation table from my old database and Google Maps displays events at their correct location.

    However, I do still have a number of problems, as follows:

    1. Choosing a gedcom from the “Home” menu produces a URL of the form:
      which has to be corrected by hand to:
    2. Welcome Note and News blocks are not included on Home page.
      I tried importing tables from V3.2.3:
      kt-news – imported correctly after dropping default table
      kt_block_settings, kt_block – import gave error message
      #1062 – Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    3. I then tried setting default blocks by hand.
      Administration – Family tree tools – Set the default blocks
      Only “Home”, “On this day”, “Statistics”, “Who is online” are listed in “Available blocks”
      (not “”Charts”, “Favourites”, “HTML”, “Recent changes” …)
      Tried the following:
      Administration – Modules – Blocks
      Changed “news” settings to “Show to visitors” (was previously “Hide from everyone”)
      Then returned to “Set the default blocks”. “News” does now appear in “Available blocks”.
      Added it to “Main section blocks” and – Save
      News still does not appear on Home page, and when I return to “Set the default blocks”, it is not listed in “Main section blocks”
      Tried modifying table kt_block by hand in phpMyAdmin.
      Changed gedcom_id from -1 to 1 in a gedcom_news row (there were several)
      The News block did then appear on the Home page, but I wasn’t able to change the order on the page (place it before “Statistics”).
    4. Administration – Site administration – Server usage
      gives a blank page
    5. Administration – Tools
      Only 6 tools listed, against 15 for V3.2.3

    Any help much appreciated.