• #10610

    I completed the installation and imported a gedcom file. Everything seems to work correctly.

    Great. That confirms that kiwitrees and your system are working OK. However, you still have the original problem. Something is preventing the global variable “KT_USER_ID” from being read. Every other case like this has been due to the fact that variable has been changed in kiwitrees from “WT_USER_ID”, and that has been due to session storage, either in the database or in cookies on the browser. We appear to have exhausted both of those possibilities.

    You could try a search across the database, in all the original kiwitrees tables, using PhpMyAdmin for the term “WT_USER_ID” to see if it remains anywhere. Let me know what you find. Some examples might be more relevant here than others.

    The only snag I encountered during the installation was that I had to use instead of localhost for the host URL.

    Localhost vs is related to your local web server config. It can be changed. This link might help –

    I checked the folder permissions on the version I installed using my previous data folder, and they seem to be OK, so this doesn’t explain the error messages I was getting.

    Permissions were never going to be the cause of the original error.

    My personal kiwitrees site is