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    It is “normal” if you follow the instructions.

    Upgrading from one version to the next is always easy. Upgrading when you have missed versions is easy too, but has much greater risk. So you must read instructions VERY carefully and follow the them exactly.

    Go to this page – – and read all instructions starting from “Upgrading to kiwitrees 3.3.0”.

    It might also help to read the newsletters that were sent with each upgrade. They are at Start with “13th April 2017 Kiwitrees 3.3.0 – major upgrade”.

    Remember also that some steps you might be able to ignore as they are changed in the next or later upgrade. If there is anything you do not understand ask before you start the process.

    Make sure you have a backup of your database before you start, so you can start over again if things go badly wrong for you.

    The major changes, and the cause of almost all difficulties are:

    1. All references to “WT_” in any code, and in the database will be changed to “KT_”. But if you have such references in custom code then that will fail and your site will not work until they are fixed.
    2. The complete folder “kiwitrees/modules_v3” will be deleted in the process (replaced by “kiwitrees/modules_v4”). If you have any custom modules in that folder they will be deleted too. Make sure you have copies!.
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