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    But if I want to add an existing field to an event, such as “URL” to the Birth event (in order to add a url that present the picture of the baby), how can I do easily ?

    Do I just have to add in the config_data.php php the “BIRT” field in the “URL” Array like that ?

    ‘URL’ => array(





    Or is there an other config file ?

    Thanks for your help

    It’s really neither necessary or recommended to do this.
    Not recommended because URL is not a valid GEDCOM tag for any event such as BIRT.
    Not necessary because you can add a url in place of a media object. Just follow the normal process for adding a media object to the event, but add the URL instead (this will make more sense when you see the “Add media” screen). The image will be displayed like any normal media object but using the external url instead of the internal link. The only minor issue is that in such cases nor ‘thumbnail’ version can be created.

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