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    There is possibly a lot to add. But the loop you are looking for is the code in functions_edit.php following this comment (about line 2436)

    	// List of tags we would expect at the next level
    	// NB insert_missing_subtags() already takes care of the simple cases
    	// where a level 1 tag is missing a level 2 tag.  Here we only need to
    	// handle the more complicated cases.

    Further down (about line 2528) you will see a reference to KT_Gedcom_Code_Temp::isTagLDS($level1type). You will need similar code for your changes.

    But you will also need to make additions to the file /includes/config_data.php

    (Note – I can’t test what you are doing so can not say if this is everything. You may well need much more. The following tip should help though.)

    Use a quality text editor that has the ability to search globally, through the entire kiwitrees code. Then you can take a function like “isTagLDS”, or a specific tag like “SLDC” and find all it’s use locations quickly and easily. Then you know what you need to do for your new code. I recommend either “atom” ( or “sublime” ( I use both.

    I probably do not need to remind you of this, but just in case:
    Remember that all changes to the core code will need to be done over again after every kiwitrees upgrade, as that will over-write the standard files. That means repeating your changes somewhere between 5 and 8 times each year.

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