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    I don’t always Preview first, I gamble. That said, I did Preview some of the quirks I had and got no results.

    That’s the point I wanted to make. If preview gives you no results, then “update” will also give you no results. It simply means that the “place” you are trying to change does not actually exist (in that exact form) in your GEDCOM data. Probably related to your later comment about spaces and commas.
    You will find it works best if you also let the “auto-complete” help show you what places it finds in your data to match what you start to type.

    The CSS mystyles didn’t change the view as it did in previous versions. But, you may have changed the code since then.

    The code has NOT changed. The edit code you have DOES work. (I have double checked). The problem is related to some, one, or all of the three possibilities I gave you earlier. Repeated here:

    The file name is mystyle.css, not mystyles or
    Did you clear your browser cache? or
    Is Xenea the right theme to change?

    Another quirk is formatting as per image. Some commas are after a space, some aren’t.

    The system does not add spaces before commas. Those spaces are in your data. That is the only way you could achieve a mixture of some with and some without. So you need to search (in Update places) for both variants.

    Re. the column problem. I know all your views about that. You described the same issue recently (in ) regarding the language configuration list. I responded then with a fix for that page (for which you still haven’t confirmed if it works for you or not). I also commented :

    The vertical sorting was not really possible (easily) until some recent browser (CSS) solutions became widely accepted. They now are, so I am moving these, and the similar layout of place lists, to a vertically based design for the next release of kiwitrees.

    Unfortunately, the place list cannot be updated in isolation at this stage as its changes are tied to other areas of code not yet ready for release. So you need to retain the mystyle.css file fix.

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