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    I ended up editing the records individually as I read the clock as being middle of the night for you. The name would be on the list but when I entered in update, it didn’t appear or didn’t appear as the list showed. Find it very difficult to read across the two columns in “Place List” view. Too confusing! My expectation when viewing is to read downwards. So I’d have
    Poland, place1
    Poland, place1, place2
    Poland, place1, place2, place3

    Then I knew to review all 4 in the list equal a Place. Whereas in the 2 column view, sometimes you read L-R across, or R-L across depending upon number of levels, other times you don’t. (number of levels I assume).

    I don’t always Preview first, I gamble. That said, I did Preview some of the quirks I had and got no results.

    The CSS mystyles didn’t change the view as it did in previous versions. But, you may have changed the code since then 🙂

    Another quirk is formatting as per image. Some commas are after a space, some aren’t.


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