• #10158

    That’s an interesting issue. I’ve moved it to “Bugs” so others might find the fix, Its a bug in the sense that the design can be improved, but it’s not a bug in that it is working “as designed”.

    The problem is not that data is displayed half-way down cells. The vertical centring is deliberate. There are actually a few other issues that are causing it:

    1 – The problem really only becomes glaringly obvious on Apple devices. When I checked I could see it on my iPad, but not on my PC. It appears that Apple / Safari do not recognise the standard CSS “width: 100%” on a table. Normally that causes the table to always fit the available screen width, regardless of the amount of data in the cells. Further, it doesn’t add scrollbars when the table (as in your case) is too wide, it simply hides the excess. Your image shows you are missing two columns, including one titled “Citation text” which is where you have relatively large results to display, causing the cell to grow tall, and displaying the centred text you see.

    2 – I had, in the code, attempted to constrain the widths of the cells and to ensure names of people and families fitted well, without wrapping. That is what caused the table in your screen to become too wide to all display, when combined with the issue in 1, above. In other devices, the cells simply get narrower, but still, show.

    The fix is simple though. In the attached zip folder is a replacement for the file kiwitrees/admin_trees_source.php that should do it. However, it is a hard set of data to display easily, so some circumstances will still seem a little squashed and or wrapped in order to fit. That depends what you have in your citations, which I cannot control, of course.

    The first item above might also be causing as yet unnoticed issues in other similar tables. I’ll fix those for the next release of kiwitrees as well.

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