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    To add a little more detail (it was getting late when responding previously)….

    As you will have read in the blog posts about kiwitrees-nova, I am building it on a framework called “Foundation (ver 6+)” I aim to make full use of its very extensive built-in design components. Among those tools are checks for conformity with WCAG 2.0. (“Web Content Accessibility Guidelines”).

    Those guidelines have three “conformity levels”: A, AA, and AAA. Foundation’s, and therefore my commitment is to maintain conformity at level AA. Full details on what this means can be read at with perhaps a simpler summary on Wikipedia:

    A typical example of the guidelines is in text colour contrasts. When I was creating the latest of the three themes my initial colour choices threw up constant warning messages in my development system about “inadequate contrast levels”. The system expects contrast to be at least 1:4.5 for normal text and 3:1 for large text if I am going to avoid these errors (only seen during development). So I adjusted the colours until the errors disappeared.

    More details about the framework’s accessibility principles are here:

    Hopefully, this background will provide some confidence in the direction kiwitrees-nova is taking. But it is valuable to have someone like you able to provide practical feedback on progress in this area, in ways most of us would struggle to recognise. So don’t hesitate to remind me when something can be improved.

    My personal kiwitrees site is