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    There are official guidelines for accessibility and websites, one being for vision. Not sure how they differ from country to country. It’s not my intention to have the themes for me, it’s for any user who has issues.

    Colour contrast/font weight >> Having font colour of font that has contrast to background. (I’ve use a website that had purple menu background and bold blue type — 100% useless to me and thousands of others that use the site (it’s a corporate site)
    Weight – some fonts are too “delicate” used in large amounts of text. The one in the image is great in both regular and bold as shown.
    Sizing – a tough issue that’s existed for as long as I’ve been online! Complicated by the platform used as sizing from Mac to PC and browser to browser varies. The standard I’ve seen uses the option for user to choose what’s best for them. (Not sure of proper terminology). That’s one way and far more complex I’m sure. But, for kiwitrees, it would be not having font sizing below certain sizes (generalization at this point). That’s why I’ve used the “Colors” theme. The colour contrast and font sizing is easy for me to see. Not implying that this theme should remain just an example of accessibility as I see it. (pun).

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