The Site administration section contains tools to assist in managing the site as a whole, rather than individual family trees.

These pages can only be accessed by members, of any access level, with the additional “administrator” option enabled in their user account. For most sites, there would usually be just one person with this ability, or perhaps two if a back-up person is required.

The tools available are:

  • Site configuration
    • Configuring site-wide features, such as memory limits, location of the secure data folder, email configuration. anti-spam options, login and registration, and setting languages available to site visitors.
  • Site access rules
    • Settings to manage access by search engines and potentially harmful unwanted web crawlers.
  • Server usage
    • A brief summary of the resources consumed by your site.
  • Server information
    • Listing the sites server PHP and SQL settings.
  • Logs
    • Logs of kiwitrees activity, and errors on your site.
  • Custom translation
    • Options to change standard translations, in any of your enabled languages, to a custom translation you prefer.
  • Clean up the data folder
    • A place to delete files stored in your /data/ folder, such as old versions of GEDCOM files, cache folders, etc..