Managing and configuring a kiwitrees family history website.

Kiwitrees has a very comprehensive range of administrative and configuration options. They are all available on the “Administration” or “Dashboard” panel. This can be accessed via a link on all pages, in one of three configurable positions (effective from version 3.3.7).

  1. Part of the sub-menu or drop-down under your name at the very top of the screen.
  2. A separate menu item in that top-level set of “other” menus.
  3. An item on the larger “main” menu bar.

To see any of these you must first be logged in, and you must be either a site administrator or a family tree manager. Site managers can access ALL administration functions, family tree managers only those specific to their family tree. Which location your site uses for this link is just one of those configuration options available to you. The default is number 1. in the above list.

Once at the “Administration” or “Dashboard” panel you will see that options are grouped (left side panel) under a number of categories:

  • Dashboard
  • Site administration
  • Family trees
  • Family tree tools
  • Users
  • Media
  • Modules
  • Tools

Sub-pages of this part of the FAQ will go into more detail about each of these.