Although the very best way to use kiwitrees is through the specialised kiwitrees hosting service you can download a free copy of the software here if you prefer. With that you can create; maintain, and manage your own installation on a web host of your choice. Just download the kiwitrees software from the link below and follow the installation instructions included.

As well as kiwitrees itself you can also download a free add-ons you may find useful.

For questions regarding any of these please use the Support Forum in the menu above.

If you don’t find exactly what you want here you might need to try my Customising kiwitrees service.

Kiwitrees software

Version: 3.3.12

Release date: 30 August 2023

Download the latest version of kiwitrees here. Details about the changes in this version are in the latest kiwitrees newsletter and on the changes list .

For general help with installation and using kiwitrees read the pages of frequently asked questions.

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1921 Census Assistant


Instructions on how to install kiwitrees can be found on the installation page.


Instructions on upgrading from previous versions can be found on the upgrading page.

If you have any issues, please use the support forum on this site.

Known issues

In an ideal world each new release would be complete and 100% bug-free. Sadly, in the real world that seldom happens 🙁  However, any bugs that do exist are usually spotted quite soon after the release. You can find out about these in the “Bug reports” area of the forum here: bug reporting. Look at any bugs marked as either “in progress” or “fix committed“. Any other categories, such as “Fix released”, are already fixed in the version available for downloading here.

Translation files

Listed below are updates to language translation files. Generally a full set of language files is included with each kiwitrees download. But occasionally a revised version is available following further translations or corrections. These are listed below.

Once downloaded extract the file from the zip folder and copy it to your web server replacing the existing version in the kiwitrees/language/ folder.

Translations are cached for efficiency, so you should visit the administration > Site administration > Clean up data folder page and delete the cache folder. The cache will then be replaced with new data including the newly updated file.

LanguageKiwitrees versionDateDownload
Dutch3.3.1231 Aug 2023Download now
Turkish3.3.1231 Aug 2023Download now
Polish3.3.1119 Nov 2022

Useful tools


GedSplit is a useful program to split any GEDCOM file in a variety of ways. It is not part of kiwitrees, but is a useful tool to have.

Originally written for Windows 95 (pretty old now!) it still functions even on Windows 10.

A typical use with kiwitrees would be to remove one or more complete branches from your tree. This can only be done externally using a tool such as GedSplit:

  1. Download Extract the GedSplit.exe file and save it to a convenient location on your PC.
  2. In kiwitrees Administration > Family trees > Manage family trees, select and run “Download”. This will give you a copy of all your family tree data as a GEDCOM file, zipped and downloaded to your desktop PC.
  3. Extract the GEDCOM file and save it in the same place you put GedSplit.
  4. Take another copy of your GEDCOM file and put that somewhere else safe (a just-in-case backup copy).
  5. Run GedSplit (double-click the file) and use File > Open to open your GEDCOM file.
  6. Find the root person of the branch to be removed, then use the various toolbar options to select his / her ancestors, descendants, etc.
  7. Once you are as satisfied as you can be that you have everyone use the “Invert selection” tool. The indicated selection is now all the people you DO want to keep. Use “Save as” to save a new GEDCOM file with just these remaining people, completely excluding the branch you didn’t want.
  8. Now, back in Administration > Family trees > Manage family trees, select “Upload” and import the new GEDCOM into your existing tree. It will completely replace the data currently in kiwitrees with only that found in the new tree. This is why you MUST at all times keep a clean untouched copy of the first GEDCOM file you downloaded. If everything is a mess, simply re-upload that one and you will be back where you started and no harm was done!

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