With some regret I have been forced to bow to the pressure of trying to stem the tide of spam comments on my blog posts. The stupid *%@#$%^&*$s  have been hitting the site with up to 100 “comments” per day. So I have resorted to limiting discussion to logged in (registered) users only.

That does NOT mean you have to be a full paying-client of kiwitrees’ hosting services, just that you must register before you can discuss my blog articles. Registration does require me to manually approve each one, otherwise I’d get as many of those as I do comment spam, but I’ll do it as quick as I can. If I know you from other forums, like webtrees.net, it will be even quicker  😀 , so do try to use the same user name.

I’m thinking that I might do the same for access to downloads of my simpl_add-ons. It will help me know who is using them, and mean I can provide better support and communication for updates. But that’s for another day.