Kiwitrees Version 3.2.3 – changes included in this release. 2nd November 2016.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • New relationship chart algorithm (similar to webtrees) to improve page loading speed and reduce memory usage
  • Introduce extended relationship display for Individual pages
  • Add new sanity check (burial before death)
  • Provide export (CSV text file) and browser print abilities to all table displays
  • Ensure “state save” works in all tables (excludes search page results, small widgets, and blocks)
  • Introduce new backup to Dropbox module
  • Add FancyTreeView to resource menu as “Descendants” (replaces Descendants report)
  • New “Related individuals” resource to replace related individuals report
  • Replace the “missing facts” report with admin tool (Administration > Family tree tools > Missing data)
  • Replace “sources” report with admin tool (Administration > Family tree tools >¬†Sources – review)

[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Add AGNC and TYPE to facts / details available in resource_facts
  • Add CSV option to new admin tools
  • Add IP address to error log of contact form
  • Add jquery.shorten for help texts
  • Adjust cousins count for “siblings married siblings” cases
  • Add Rhodesia to GM flags
  • Add special character link to Update Places module
  • Add USA to own charts map options
  • Adjust column widths (Administration > Modules > Manage modules)
  • Allow relationship page to scroll horizontally
  • Change remaining references to “Home page” to “Home”
  • Combine two consecutive preferred names into one on display
  • Convert check boxes to use persistent cookies (Events of close relatives, Historical facts, Show date differences, Show relationships, etc.
  • Correct relationship chart titles
  • Improve date sorting in new facts & events resource
  • Improve messaging error log entry
  • Improve small device display of admin menus
  • Improved research plugin
  • Include missing unique indi facts in Resources > Facts
  • Make site admin pages list in reverse alpha order on dashboard
  • Make interactive tree tab auto adjust height as needed
  • Move ReadMe files to FAQs
  • New Dutch research plugins
  • Improve Family tree configuration pages
  • Prevent accidental deletion of a custom language folder
  • Put datatables save-sate in session cookie
  • Remove interactive tree from chart menu
  • Simplify date code
  • Style improvements
  • Tidy up copyright statements
  • Update galleria plugin to 1.4.5
  • Update LDS Temple codes
  • Update Relationship chart menu
  • Update Site configuration display
  • Updated Dutch research plugin from Wim.
  • Upgrade CKE to 4.5.11
  • Upgrade jQuery and jQueryUI
  • Update FontAwesome to 4.7.0

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Add shared note to sour group formatting
  • Add space before brackets on Edit screen headers
  • Adjust media lists / counts for external items
  • Adjustments to display of lists
  • Capitalisation applied to wrong html in colors theme
  • Change admin dashboard stats from Notes to Shared notes.
  • Correct FAQ links
  • Correction to remove old files code
  • Don’t try to use META_DESCRIPTION before a tree exists.
  • Error in text
  • Fix broken pop-up calendar
  • Fix bug #6620 – xenea header
  • Fix bug in census search pop-up
  • Fix bug in descendants sidebar
  • Fix error for MARR tags without full details
  • Fix error in “check for errors”
  • Fix error in contact module.php
  • Fix error in gedcom check page
  • Fix error in new FTV code
  • Fix menubar.php error in lists menu
  • Fix minor bug (php warning) on Menu > Lists
  • Fix minor errors
  • Fix missing background when executions stats displayed
  • Fix missing set command for Abbreviate Chart Labels
  • Fix missing spouse married name on “Add spouse” pages
  • Fix search bug related to stories search
  • Language typos
  • Make “from” and “to” translatable in resource_fact
  • Make re-order help text standardised
  • Missing translation of media TYPE
  • MySQL 5.7 compatibility
  • PHP 7 issue – break not valid in nested if statement
  • Potential MySQL strict mode error
  • Re-fix contact module error
  • Revision to search_stories functionality
  • Updates to add media edit screen



Kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - relationship chart

Relationship chart


Kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - relations family

Family relationships


Kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - sanity

Burial before death sanity check


Kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - CSV

CSV file output from tables


kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - dropbox backup

Backup to Dropbox


kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - 3-2-3-descendants

Resources > Descendants


kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - 3-2-3-related-individuals

Resources > Related individuals


kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - 3-2-3-sources

Admin > Sources – review


kiwitrees version 3.2.3 - changes - 3-2-3-missing-data

Admin > Missing data