Kiwitrees Version 3.2.2 – changes included in this release. June 2016.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • Add Google Maps API key option
  • Add new Resource facts module: Replaces old reports (births, deaths, occupations) and adds the ability to report on ANY level 1 fact. Also includes an “export to CSV file” option.
  • Add “site maintenance” mode option, to allow you to close your site to all access except your own while doing any maintenance work.
  • Add a subtitle option for trees
  • Allow all chart menu items to have access configuration option (restrict access / viewing to everyone, members, managers, or no-one)
  • Allow all list menu items to have access configuration option (restrict access / viewing to everyone, members, managers, or no-one)
  • Put all search pages on a single tabbed page

[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Add backup warning to batch update Update All option
  • Add config link to research links sidebar module
  • Add custom file details to theme selector
  • Add EVENT TYPE option to resource facts
  • Add Event Type to autocomplete
  • Add EVENT:TYPE and FACT:TYPE to advanced search
  • Add style sheet for CKEditor edit screens to improve WYSIWYG
  • Capitalise label texts
  • Change Research links plugins to display pay symbol
  • Changes to resource individuals pagination (removed)
  • Corrections to citation review page
  • Corrections to positioning of fancy image image bar
  • Hide search page until loaded
  • Import translation comments into language .po files
  • Improve buttons on change blocks popup (kiwitrees theme)
  • Improve date handling in resource_changes
  • Improve error checking when geonames database used
  • Improve meta descriptions (better SEO)
  • Improved solution for Fancy Image bar display
  • Improvements to kiwitrees theme responsive display
  • Improvements to research plugin files (group links by location, add pay-to-view indicator, enhanced configuration page)
  • Minor style change webtrees theme
  • More tidying up of fancy imagebar
  • New Dutch flags for Google maps module
  • Remove more help links (replace with either on-screen display, or on-screen drop-down as space permits)
  • Revision to tab location (allows direct lining to tabs)
  • Set default access levels for blocks and menus at set up and new trees
  • Simplify code for google maps precision
  • Site config: move help texts to on-screen display
  • Tidy up buttons on configuration for Pages and Galleries
  • Update some base text to US spelling
  • Update CKEditor to 4.5.9
  • Update FontAwesome to 4.6.3
  • Update individual tabs to allow URL links to tabs
  • Update language files
  • Use “places update” instead of batch update as edit link from Google maps

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Add missing borders to some xenea small menu icons
  • Add missing maintenance option to simple pages menus
  • Ensure sources listed on reports are checked for privacy settings
  • Fix active tabs issue on Gallery and Page modules
  • Fix bug – new menu link error
  • Fix bug – places edit linked to places add in error
  • Fix bug – widgets ignore access level settings
  • Fix bug – 6269 Unable to create new family trees
  • Fix bug in calendar file
  • Remove no longer used flag image (‘SGS’
  • Fix bug related to removing flag ‘SGS’.
  • Fix errors in Danish translation
  • Fix husband / wife label issue in Google Maps tab
  • Fix import issue for media objects from Family Tree Builder GEDCOM files
  • Fix missing CKE plugin Footnotes and update it.
  • Fix missing icon – webtrees theme
  • Fix missing title when module empty
  • Fix single line menus not linked
  • Further improvement to widget bar access bug
  • Improve handling of SOUR/DATA/DATE,TEXT during edit
  • Improve research link sorting
  • Remove not used “sort” and “order” details from some module configuration pages
  • Update flex-box styling for IE11 quirks
  • Updates to simple_research module
  • Use jQuery tabs properly in old modules
  • Fix Widget_favorites bug in Stats.php
  • Fix Wrong text in stories module



Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Google Map API

Google Map API key



Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Facts & events resource page

Facts & events resource page


Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Maintenance option

Maintenance option


Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Maintenance display screen

Maintenance screen


Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Subtitle option

Family tree subtitle option


Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - List and Chart menus

Access controls for lists and charts



Kiwitrees version 3.2.2 - changes - Search tabs

Search tabs