[accordions title=”New” open=”no”]

  • Add version update code
    • NOTE: this is a prompt ONLY, on the administration dashboard page. It does not force you to upgrade.
  • Add gender options for godparents
  • Add responsive code for home page blocks
  • Add responsive menu to webtrees theme
  • Add responsive menu to xenea
  • Add responsive menus to colors theme

[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Add background colour to colors theme contact form
  • Add config link to manage family trees
  • Add more translatable text to calendar utilities
  • Adjust display of stories lists
  • Corrections to ensure setup works on php5.6
  • Improve styling for fact images when used in kiwitrees theme
  • Make “show to visitors’ default for login menu item.
  • Make admin menu narrow on mobile devices
  • More contact form changes for colors theme
  • Show husb/wife names on MARR edit form
  • Tidy up code
  • Update Zend library to 1.12.13
  • Upgrade FontAwesome to 4.4

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Add contact module switch to all footer.php files
  • Add hash password to create user code (php6 issue)
  • Add images to gallery module menus
  • Add menu icons for contact page
  • Bug fix edit user.php (ID: 4814 )
  • Change ‘webtrees’ to ‘kiwitrees’ in preferred contact options
  • Fix bug – javascript error in message.php
  • Fix bug 4895 – do not show contact menu when contacts – ‘none’
  • Fix missing tree title in new tree
  • Fix over large delete button on CA shared note popup
  • Improve langauge for translation
  • Language updates
  • Separate jquery in login block vs login menu module
  • Update language files




Mobile-friendly Home page


Added married names to edit display

Added married names to edit display