[accordions title=”New” open=”no”]

  • Add ability to rename GEDCOM
  • Add Canada census dates
  • add ‘footnotes’ plugin to CKEditor
  • Add FancyTreeeView add-on as a module
  • Add gedcomRootID name to available HTML block variables
  • Add new “change places” administrative feature
  • Add option for unlinked repo to “Add unlinked records” admin page
  • Add family tree renumber and append functions
  • Add server usage page
  • Start implementing the widget bar to replace My page.
  • Add widget version of On this day
  • Add widget version of Research tasks module
  • Add widget version of HTML block
  • Add widget version of Pending changes block
  • Add widget version of Recent Changes block
  • Add widget version of Statistics block
  • Add widget version of Theme change block
  • Add widget version of Top given names block
  • Add widget version of Most viewed block
  • Add widget version of Top surnames block
  • Add widget version of User Journal block
  • Add widget version of User Favourites block
  • Add widget version of User Messages block
  • Add widget version of Who is online block
  • Add widget version of Yahrzeiten block
  • Add widget version of Upcoming events block
  • Add new Quick links widget
  • Remove all My Page blocks and My Page itself
  • Add Duplicate check for new indis
  • Implement Font-awesome icons in kiwitrees theme
  • Implement Font-awesome icons for admin theme
  • Make messaging in html an option, with CKEditor as well
  • Make simpl_menu2 part of core as ‘extra_menus’
  • Make title font size variable with text length
  • Making kiwitrees theme header area fixed on page
  • New plugins for research tasks: British Newspaper Archive; Elephind Newspaper Archive
  • Remove user options for block setting, theme selection, and “allow editing of account settings”
  • Simplify theme setting options. It is now a family tree level setting only. The site and user level options are removed. If no family tree theme set the default is kiwitrees theme
  • Add “type” to admin media list display
  • Add access level variable to tab modules. Allows greater control of tabs.
  • Add autocomplete to ASSO tag
  • Add autocomplete to source citations
  • Add config links to module admin list to give additional way of reaching admin tools
  • Add help text for married names
  • Remove clouds, fab, minimal, and simpl_grey themes
  • Include nocensus.php in core code (for UK census only)
  • Make highlight image = no the standard default

[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Add class to logoutform
  • Add font-awesome icons to privacy restrictions
  • Add note for conversion to editor access
  • Adding icons to buttons (1)
  • Change “Add a new …” to “Add a …” throughout
  • Change googlemap places edit to admin theme
  • Change icon in welcome block
  • Change icons in admin theme
  • Change order of family tree admin options
  • Change webtrees to kiwitrees in help text item
  • Changes for Georgian language from aslanukva
  • Changes to help texts
  • Changing webtrees to kiwitrees
  • CKEditor update to 4.4.6
  • Clean up handling of filter buttons in individual/family lists
  • Cleaner test for invalid regular expressions
  • Ensure site access ticks appear as clickable links
  • Fix bugs in new family page (add new links)
  • Fix theme names being translated in config panel
  • Improve admin home page
  • Improve email set up texts
  • Introduce fontawesome icons
  • Make it easier to modify facts in extra_info module.
  • Make kiwitrees the default for new trees
  • Make login / login-register text change when needed
  • Minor change to GM display
  • Minor changes to family.php chart
  • More font awesome changes
  • More font-awesome changes
  • Move search bar
  • New sidebar open/close style for kiwitrees theme
  • New silhouettes for kiwitrees theme
  • Remove option to add media to repositories
  • Remove requirement for ini_set
  • Revise login
  • Revise primary name code for non-latin languages
  • Revise privacy module help text
  • Tidy up clippings cart
  • Tidy up kiwitrees theme
  • Tidy up new admin pages
  • Update colorbox
  • Update colors theme for widgets
  • Update datatables
  • Update footnotes plugin
  • Update galleria code to 1.3.6
  • Update galleria to 1.4.2
  • Update help items for extra_menus
  • Update jquery
  • Update kiwitrees footer
  • Update kiwitrees logo
  • Update phpmailer library
  • Update remote jquery to 1.10.2
  • Updated standard family.php layout
  • Upgrade font awesome to 4.3.0

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Add missing file
  • Add missing largechar css tag
  • Add trap for fatal error from empty album groups
  • Bug – Note prefix selection ignored
  • Bug – Vital Records Report does not sort
  • Bug fix
  • Bug in mail function (html)
  • Bug when setting global privacy rules
  • Cannot calculate days in month for dates with no year
  • Change default db prefix to kt_
  • Correct arrow on RTL displays (Hourglass)
  • Correct PDF display in gallery
  • Correct pointer on lists
  • Correct position of GM flags
  • Correct quote marks
  • Correct z-index for pop-up wysiwyg blocks
  • Correction to KCFinder
  • Correction to widget_blog
  • Corrections to date handling changes
  • Delete user messages with error message
  • Don’t show registered timestamp when it does not exist
  • Error in table stats for unknown visitors in site access rules
  • Families list – divorce filter not working
  • Fix $hfamily undefined bug on family page
  • Fix add child bug
  • Fix bug – editing media shared by >1 gedcom
  • Fix bug in GM places edit
  • Fix bug that displays empty rows in album tab
  • Fix display of small blocks in kiwtrees theme Home page
  • Fix error handling in GM flags editor
  • Fix error in recent update
  • Fix errors in renumber and append code
  • Fix fatal error in Clippings Cart output
  • Fix for “unable to find” bug
  • Fix for album tab ‘fiche / microfiche’ problem
  • Fix for bug ID 3148
  • Fix for bug when advanced searching in text fields
  • Fix for missing children in descendants sidebar
  • Fix login target for login drop-down
  • Fix more of the ‘fich/microfiche’ problem
  • Fix more preg_replace /e instances
  • Fix shortname bug in family page not working
  • Fix style error in album config
  • Fix user search bug
  • Global Javascript variables should be local
  • HTML validation
  • Json error on user list filter
  • List removed themes in exclusion list
  • Missed file from login change
  • Prevent ‘flash of unstyled content’
  • Properly escape URL in stats plot
  • Qualified dates and ranges not found by anniversary calculations
  • Remove ‘change widgets’ option from bar
  • Remove link to image file not used
  • Remove redundant file from FTV
  • Renumbering NOTE records – there are two formats to consider
  • Simpl_research bug: Use first primary name to search in stead of the last one.
  • Spouse bug corrected in Base.php
  • Tidy up links in research module
  • Tighten the scope of the on click event
  • Tidy up javascript
  • Type in random_media block
  • Typo
  • Unnecessary RTL formatting breaks RTL layout
  • Update admin for removed / old galleria code.
  • Update foreign key names to be unique
  • Update indi and fam list layouts



New admin pages
New admin pages


Widget bar
Widget bar


Check for duplicates on add new individual
Check for duplicates on add new individual