[accordions title=”New” open=”no”]

  • Add JustCarmen’s “fancy_imagebar”
    • Optional row of thumbnail images below main menu bar. 
  • Add new simpl_duplicates module
    • An aid to finding and merging possible duplicates within your family tree.
  • Allow _LOC records to be imported and exported
  • Allow sidebar to be removed
    • Hiding all sidebar modules now completely hides the sidebar itself.
  • Display sources with their attached media
    • As requested by “grimpel” here.
  • Include simpl_pages module as standard
  • Include simpl_privacy module as standard
  • Include custom_js module as standard
  • Make simpl_grey theme part of the standard package
  • New family tree theme configuration page
    • A more graphical way to select themes than the old drop-down list.
  • New kiwitrees theme (work in progress)
    • Should eventually replace webtrees theme as default. Please take a look and give feedback, improvement suggestions etc.
  • New module to list unlinked individuals (simpl_unlinked)
    • A quick list of any “orphaned” individuals; people not part of any family groups in a family tree.
  • New: use gender icon to add gender when it is blank
    • If there is no gender for an individual you can now click the gender icon in the individual header area to add one, as well as the previous option to use that icon to edit gender.
  • Remove option to make entire site private
    • Making a site totally private breaks parts of the system, and is completely unnecessary. All this change does is to remove the option to do this on new sites. Any site currently set-up in this way will not be changed.

[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Consistent labels for URL and _URL tags
  • Error checker – valid SUBM links reported as errors
  • Fix window size for Journal
  • Improve CKE editor default width and height
  • Minor css adjustment to album page
  • Small change to FAQ configuration display style
  • Smoother scrolling when expanding layers
  • Tidy up media list display
  • WWW & URL tag clickability
  • Prevent _WT_OBJE_SORT displayed as error in raw ged com editor
  • Add on-click item in story list to go to right tab
  • Family book chart minor style change to box sizes
  • Fix action when deleting / enabling modules
  • Fix thumb size in interactive charts
  • Improve recent changes block
  • Improved test for HTTPS:
  • Small display change to modules list
  • Transparent backgound for thumbnail images
  • Update and improve administration theme
  • Upgrade CKEditor to 4.3.2
  • Accordion icons need mirroring on LTR/RTL displays.
  • Move stories styling out of module code.
  • Small adjustment to new theme selector page
  • Small change to family page layout (centre the display)
  • Upgrade jQuery to 1.10.4
  • Update jQuery-UI to 1.11.0
  • Update to German language file from grimpel
  • Change spacing between name and ‘logout’ in header of xenea theme
  • Add default styles for stories module to each theme
  • SEO tweaks to home page

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Bad quotation marks in Swedish translation
  • Batch update name fix does not fix _HEB names
  • Date parsing of august / september: undefined
  • Error from “Wrong am/pm for timestamps” fix
  • Fix display bug
  • Fix error from webtrees 1.4 series
  • Fix for “untranslated marriage type”
  • PHP5.5 preg_replace /e modifer when importing inline media
  • Status messages do not show up in popup frames on the xenea theme
  • Unescaped name in census assistant
  • Unescaped output in medialist.php
  • Updates to GM Street View
  • Use escape sequences for UTF8 characters in javascript source
  • Validate user selected themes
  • webtrees fix for “Ancestors report with childrencan fail when $type is undefined”
  • Batch update / search+replace doesn’t match multibyte wildcards correctly
  • Bug fix missing comma
  • Changing home/my page blocks fails for some users
  • Don’t move focus unnecessarily in date field in Chrome/IE
  • Fix config options not saved bug
  • Fix display bug in indi and fam lists
  • HTML block default tree issue
  • Names containing an apostrophe (‘) are displayedas Name (Name)
  • Search from families sidebar gives PHP error
  • Small bug in multiple stories list
  • Undefined function regex_quote() on add user page
  • Update Filter.php
  • Validation issue media list
  • Wrong am/pm for timestamps
  • Error in Google charts cannot handle text containing HTML markup
  • Name accordion icon doesn’t change on click up/down
  • Theme not selectable in xenea RTL on Firefox
  • Update geonames url and add user name
  • Streetmap co-ords not working



Fancy Imagebar
Fancy Imagebar


Unlinked Individuals
Unlinked Individuals


Possible duplicates
Possible duplicates


Sidebar hidden
Sidebar hidden


Family Tree theme selector
Family Tree theme selector



Kiwitrees theme
Kiwitrees theme