Version 3.3.9 changes

  • New or significant changes
  • Improved
  • Fixed

  1. A bulk delete option for unused media, and a CSV print for their file names
    • For “unused” media items (Administration > Media > Manage media > Unused files) you can now delete more than one at a time. The exact number may be limited by settings on your server. You can also export a list the filenames of all unused items for offline analysis.
  2. Include PEDIgree sub-tag on add/edit child screens, and update its help text.
    • An often requested missing feature. You can now add or change the pedigree information (birth, adopted, fostered, etc) of children on their add or edit pages.
  3. New sanity check – media issues.
    • This new sanity check can list media objects where main or thumbnail file are missing, files have zero bytes (i.e. corrupted), or have no link to a GEDCOM record.

  1. Add basic / advanced options for place name autocomplete.
  2. Improve formatting of tab titles on the Individual pages.
  3. Fix typo in administration server warnings (duplicate word “should”)
  4. Small improvement to media display on Facts and Events tab
  5. Prevent random media slideshow from trying to display missing images
  6. Update CKEditor to replace image upload and storage tool.
    • CKEditor is the tool used for writing in HTML blocks, Pages, Stories, and FAQs. IMPORTANT – this can cause issues during upgrade. See Upgrade instructions for more information)

These are a mixture of bugs reported on the Bug report forum (apparent from the list by links to each bug report below); others notified directly to me; and some I noticed myself during development.

  1. Reported bug – Blank Pages After Login. ERROR 2: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, string given
  2. Reported bug – Using “Request New Password” Results In Failure And Blank Screen
  3. Reported bug – “Passwords Do Not Match” message always when editing a user.
  4. Reported bug – Individual List Error – ERROR 2: A non-numeric value encountered 0 Error occurred on line 130 of file functions_print_lists.php in function format_indi_table
  5. Reported bug – Unnecessary “duplicate email” notification on user edit save.
  6. Reported bug – Missing autocomplete for media source citations
  7. Reported bug – Login form not remembering or hiding passwords
  8. Other bug – Invalid dates on cause errors on Calendar page
  9. Other bug – Unable to delete users if old messages stored in no-longer-used messages table
  10. Other bug – Setup fails when using mySQL
  11. Other bug – In Report > Individual “Undefined variable sort_obje_links” if displaying multiple images and they have not been sorted.
  12. Other bug – Showing the list of trees in main menu when setting is ‘No’
  13. Other bug – ERROR 8: Undefined variable: user_email; 0 Error occurred on line 97 of file message.php
  14. Other bug – ERROR 8: Undefined variable: user_email; 0 Error occurred on line 168 of file module.php in function show
  15. Other bug – Stats chart, numbers being truncated in languages that use “.” as thousands delimiter.
  16. Fixes for PHP 7.4 compatibility issues