Version 3.3.8 changes

  • New or significant changes
  • Improved
  • Fixed

  1. Add Bookmarks to Quick Links widget.
    • Save a link to the page you are on, so you can easily return at a later date.
  2. Add new “Changes” tab for individuals, families, sources, notes and media.
    • Same information as at Administration > Family tree tools > Changes log, but only for the record you are currently viewing. (Note: should be displayed to managers only)
  3. Make the kiwitrees theme (only) drop-down login menu an optional module.
    • By simply disabling the block “Login menu” you can switch the kiwitrees theme to using the same link to a separate login page as the other themes.
  4. New configuration option – set minimum threshold for media types on statistics chart.
    • On the Statistics Chart > Other > Media objects by type, the chart can become meaningless if you have extreme numbers (high or low) across an equally extreme (high or low) array of “types”. This setting allows you to adjust the display according to your media groups. Some experimentation may be required to find the best entry for your needs.
  5. New sanity check – age differences between children.
    • Highlight families containing children where birth dates are only between 1 day and 9 months apart.

  1. Add automatic removal of cache folder when modifying custom language settings.
  2. Add family links to side bar navigator
  3. Improvements to kiwitrees theme:
    • Interactive tree: slightly larger boxes; a little more “white space” round the content; and the ‘root’ individual highlighted in bold.
    • Throughout the system, links to other system pages are now shown in blue, rather than hidden until your mouse pointed to them.
  4. Add newly completed Polish language.
  5. Add “nofollow” tags to sidebar lists.
  6. Add source and parent detail display options to vital records report.
  7. Additional links from statistics charts to lists.
  8. Adjust width of left column on album tab.
  9. Amend title and comments on “Missing data” tool. Also made selecting a fact/event required.
  10. Change autocomplete (on places only) so it attempts to suggest a previous entry based on the second word (after a comma and space) rather than only on the first part as before.
  11. Avoid creating upper case place names in autocomplete.
  12. Change footnotes prefix to random number to avoid clashes in “stories” module.
  13. Changes to the “Welcome text”.
  14. Connect current theme style sheets to CKE preview editor (for pages, stories, and html blocks).
  15. Correct note display attached to media objects.
  16. Family page chart – hide edit option from non-editors.
  17. Fix incorrect shading for source parts on edit form.
  18. Fix to allow for possible wide images added to pages module and similar edit screens.
  19. Make main menu “Home” text a link to current or default GEDCOM rather than blank.
  20. Make pages module “summary” section default to same font size as the the “body” section.
  21. Record attempts to register using an existing user name or email in logs.
  22. Remove Picassa plugin references from code in Gallery module.
  23. Update error message when media files cannot be deleted.
  24. Update PHP version checks.
  25. Update setup checks to include MariaDB as option as well as MySQL.
  26. Updated Dutch plugins for Research module.
  27. Wrap text in Batch Update module preview.

These are a mixture of bugs reported on the Bug report forum (apparent from the list by links to each bug report below); others notified directly to me; and some I noticed myself during development.

  1. Add warning about admin changing user email if a duplicate (was fatal error).
  2. Fix report of “Element id repeated across single page.
  3. Fix report of “html tags displayed in some notes”.
  4. Fix bug – “ERROR 2: Use of undefined constant codes”.
  5. Fix bug – census notes need to have white space trimmed off.
  6. Fix bug – links in stories cause wrong content to display.
  7. Fix bug – missing “partner” on relationships.
  8. Fix bug – open/close shared notes causes page scroll to top.
  9. Fix bug – SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause.
  10. Fix bug – window.close does not work in all cases.
  11. Fix bugs in ‘stories’ – wrong list order; and incorrect sorting of multiple stores per individual.
  12. Fix bug in clippings cart
  13. Fix issue with julian and similar dates that add letters to years
  14. Fix problem of duplicate database entries when re-using old tables.
  15. Fix bug in Advanced search
  16. Fixes for ReCaptcha errors
  17. PHP 7.4 compatibility changes