[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  1. New anti-spam (registration and email spam) options. For more details see your Administration>Site administration>Site configuration>Anti-spam tab, and the FAQ page connected to it.
  2. You can now choose where your “Administration” link appears: as currently, under your name in the header; as a stand-alone item in the same header; or as a link in the Main menu bar. There are two new modules in Administration>Modules>Manage modules. Enable “The Administration menu item (main menus)” to set it in the Main menu bar, or enable “The Administration menu item (other menus)” to set it in the very top “header” menus. Disable both to leave it in the default position under your name. (Note: whichever option you choose, this link is only ever visible to users who have the option “Administration role” ticked in their User details.)


[accordions title=”Improved” open=”no”]

  1. Improve the display of notes when expanded/contracted. Particularly for shared notes, and census notes. Also, ensure notes can expand/contract the same as sources.
  2. Add a new research plugin for UK data: “RAF Museum” (you will need to enable this in configuration); and update some Dutch plugins (more to come later).
  3. Add warnings for kiwitrees/php incompatibility (including future untested versions of PHP), displayed on the Administration Dashboard.
  4. Added another data field to the DNA tab, and set the tab’s default access permission to “members”.
  5. A range of improvements to the display of USA census data; removing some unnecessary columns, renaming others, etc..
  6. Improve the Administration>Site administration>Site logs for “spam” recording. That category now covers all blocked entries for registration and email spam.
  7. Corrections to style details for statistic charts.
  8. Improvements to the display of the Administration>Users page “Delete inactive users“.
  9. Improve the display of wide census notes.
  10. Improve the logic behind “Sanity checks” invalid AGE tag checking.
  11. Make MAX_ALIVE_AGE a mandatory setting (meaning that it cannot be left blank).
  12. Make text links open in a new tab.
  13. Make URLs in note display as links.
  14. Truncate long spam messages and comments for display purposes in the site logs.
  15. Update the “Gallery” module to v1.6.1 (Note: this does not fix or replace the “Picassa” gallery option)
  16. Update robots.txt example file (robots-example.txt). A couple of minor changes. If you use a robots.txt file on your site you should compare yours with the example file in kiwitrees root folder and copy the changes across.

[accordions title=”Fixed” open=”no”]

  1. Fix bug – Causing display of “partner’s partner” instead of “ex-wife’s husband”.
  2. Fix bug – Relationship Chart feature – missing parts of a link.
  3. Fix bug – Some reports issue error message if a non-public individual is selected when not logged in.
  4. Fix bug – Some stats charts not working in non-English translations.
  5. Fix bug in kiwitrees theme – min-width on button element impacts Google maps zoom labels.
  6. Fix bug in report > facts.
  7. Fix bug – Date field error in the DNA tab when some databases used (MySQL vs MariaDB).
  8. Fix bug – Unable to delete user where old messages still exist. Also, prevent deletion of a user where pending changes made by that user still exist.
  9. Fix bug – External links in ‘notes’ not displayed as links.
  10. Error – the option “Type” on Reports>Facts and events was not working correctly.
  11. Error – incorrect result in Charts>Statistics”Others>Individual distribution chart when no places exist.
  12. Hide children of root person (husb or wife) on ancestors report, They are not relevant on a list of ancestors, only descendants.




Administration link – location options


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Site administration – Anti spam settings