[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  1. Add id numbers to the block names on the “Change the block on this page” pop-up, making selection from multiple similar blocks easier.
  2. Add a pair of “missing birth/death” checks to the Sanity Checker tool. These include options defining your personal definition of “missing” to some degree.
  3. Create a new DNA tab where you can record basic data for DNA results from the major testing companies such as AncestryDNA. You can add/edit/delete DNA data for connections between a individuals on a tab on the individual page of either of those individuals. The output display includes links back to the other person plus the calculated relationship description. (Note: This feature does not use GEDCOM for storage. It is a separate table in your database. Therefore it will not be included in any GEDCOM file created from your family tree data.) This feature should probably be described as “experimental” at this stage. So feel free to discuss changes and/or improvements on the forum.
  4. Implement an option to upload zipped gedcom files. If you have problems importing from a GEDCOM file due to server /PHP uload restrictions, you can now use a more compact “zipped” copy of the file instead.
  5. Replace the Google-based statistics charts (Charts > Statistics) with a completely re-written set not using Google. As well as the new chart displays, a number of the statistical numbers such as “Total living” are now clickable-links that open lists of those individuals. This makes verifying and understanding the data easier. Note though that the statistics do not exclude any individuals based on privacy (because no individual data is shown in such totals), but the lists provided ARE limited by privacy rules. So the results shown may differ depending on the viewers access rights.


[accordions title=”Improved” open=”no”]

  1. Update various Research Link plugins for changes to web site details. Mainly affecting Dutch and UK research sites.
  2. Revise calculation of total births/marriages/deaths. Avoids double counting based on dates like “BET 1856 AND 1861”
  3. Simplify the layout of the configuration setting for image watermarks.
  4. Slight improvement to the image upload max file size limit / warning.
  5. Update the WYSIWYG text editor CKEditor to latest version 4.11.3
  6. Update warning messages on setup to show minimum PHP version is 5.6
  7. Upgrade “Backup database” tool to latest version “r23/msd v 4.2.2”
  8. On the “Families” page, remove an unnecessary empty child box when NCHI tag = 0 used to indicate a couple had no children.

[accordions title=”Fixed” open=”no”]

  1. Correct “div by zero error” (PHP 7 related)
  2. Fix email notification not sent after data changes
  3. “GEDCOM_MEDIA_PATH not saved”
  4. Error in families list – “Search in family list module not working”
  5. Error in Module “widget_surnames”
  6. Fancy image bar not displaying in some circumstances
  7. Missing edit option for SUBM record
  8. Error (line 131) when creating link from unused images
  9. Error in cousins tab – caused by a cousin having no recorded parents
  10. Error in PCLzip: “A non well formed numeric value encountered” (PHP 7 related)
  11. Setup error – using $max_alive_age before it was created
  12. ERROR 8: Undefined variable: list; 0 Error occurred on line 257 of file module.php in function show
  13. Media bulk upload error (line 97)
  14. Second cousins bug preventing display working in some circumstances
  15. MAX_ALIVE_AGE error on new trees
  16. Small change to colorbox video display
  17. Update the code restriction preventing visitors from including web links in contact email forms
  18. Update DB_schema 37-38 due to error in column name
  19. Fix “non-numeric value” error in fam lists,when no dated marriages exists



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