Version 3.3.5 of kiwitrees is a minor update. It fixes a few reported and unreported bugs, improves compatibility with PHP 7.3, and adds some small new features.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • A new research plugin in the “International” list: “Gravestone Photographic Resource”. At present, it does contain mostly UK data, but there is also an increasing number of items from other countries, so I decided it needed to be “International”.
  • An optional 2nd cousins display on the Cousins tab.
  • Improved URL blocking for messages, with separate reporting in Administration > Site administration > Logs > Filter for “spam”.
  • Add a new “Missing fact/event sources” tool in Administration > Family tree tools.
  • Created a link to an image editor wherever you can upload a single image/media object. The editor (PIXLR) is not part of kiwitrees but is a handy, free tool that helps you edit/modify/resize etc any image before you upload it to kiwitrees.


[accordions title=”Improved” open=”no”]

  • Display “adopted” text in the family navigator (sidebar) (requires 1 ADOP tag) where appropriate.
  • Add a connection to the “blocked email address” feature to user registration to prevent a few bad registrations.
  • Provide detailed sorting options to the Place hierarchy list view
  • Add the option to display media one at a time in Administration > Media > Manage media.
  • Some small improvements to the Relationship chart display
  • Protect against fatal errors where a name does not include “/” surrounding the surname part.
  • Display each FAQ id on the FAQ module configuration screen. Necessary to use the previously added option to link directly to a specific FAQ.
  • Fix (remove) the ability to add coordinates to places in Google-maps Place check when a parent place does not have coordinates
  • Fix language sorting for correct display.
  • Improve the “duplicate individuals” list display.
  • Make the opening of images smoother in the pop-up full-size display, i.e. no empty box before the image loads.
  • Re-prioritise married / not married so the _NMR unofficial tag for “not married” is optional rather than necessary when displaying “partner” vs. husband/wife labels.
  • Tidy up the “Check for errors” screen display.
  • Update relationship calculations to latest code from its original author “RIC215”.
  • Update log texts in the mail system to better clarify the messages.
  • Upgrade module “CKEditor” to version 4.11.1.
  • Update code for PHP7.3 compatability (Note: more testing still required before 100% compatability can be confirmed).

[accordions title=”Fixed” open=”no”]

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix bug: missing “init_calendar” on two reports.
    • Fix bug: incorrect link to secondary family trees from Home menu.
    • Fix bug: a rare case of searching for a string that only exists in a story not connected to any individual.
    • Fix bug: in changes notification email ERROR 8: Undefined index: from_email; 0 Error occurred on line 283 of file functions_mail.php in function addMessage.
    • Fix bug: in Descendants report “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method KT_Controller_Relationship::calculateRelationships() in /var/www/vhosts/”.
    • Fix bug: in Stats.php and tidy up top10_pageviews module code
    • Fix bug:: ERROR 2: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(); 0 Error occurred on line 266 of file module.php in function show 1 called from line 45 of file module.php in function modAction 2 called from line 32 of file module.php Osborne.ged 20181028 02:13:39 error ERROR 8: Undefined variable: list; 0 Error occurred on line 266 of file module.php in function show 1 called from line 45 of file module.php in function modAction 2 called from line 32 of file module.php.
    • Fix error when ‘media file’ does not exist.
    • Fix errors in kcfinder (cke) due to php 7.2.




Gravestone Photographic Resource




Second cousins






Missing Fact or Event sources




Image editing link




Sortable place list