Kiwitrees (version 3.3.4)

This release of Kiwitrees (version 3.3.4) continues the previously notified practice of only updating for significant bugs, security fixes, and to maintain compatibility with the latest stable PHP and MySQL/MariaDB versions.

  • Add checks on image files during the “add media” process
    1. Check for zero byte files on upload (corrupt file).
    2. Check for large media objects (larger than server upload limits).
  • Create “blocked email addresses” feature to aid in the prevention of spam registrations. See “Spam and hacking attempts” for more information.
  • Update code to function with PHP 7.2.
  • Add “remember settings” to GoogleMap configuration “Place check” table.
  • Modifications to “Pages” module
    • Custom tabs.
    • Other customisation options.
    • (Note: these require specific HTML codes to be used. Described on the module.php file for this module.)
    • These can be seen in use at this “Clan Davies website“, especially through the “Ancestors” and “Information” menu items.
  • Add a “full-screen” option to the interactive tree tab.
  • Update FAQ URLs so they can be specifically targeted by URL links.
  • Remove duplicate report title from print version of the “Ancestors” report.
  • Create new census assistant template column option to allow display of first part of place name only.
  • Make “check_duplicates” screen (during addition of new individual) a sortable table.
  • Display “Place hierarchy – list view” into datatables (sortable, filtered, csv export included).
  • Sort languages by translated spelling and arrange vertically wherever displayed.
  • Update CKEditor to 4.10.1
  • Updates to the “Research links” sidebar and list
    1. Updates to Dutch research plugins.
    2. Revise UK 1939 register plugin to allow use of or versions.
    3. Add a research plugin for linkpendium (International links).
    4. (Note: new research links require setting in the configuration page before they can be seen)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Formatting of Review sources table.
    • Autocomplete not working correctly.
    • Top surnames widget errors.
    • Media drop-down not appearing (album tab).
    • Media add/edit failing.
    • Error in “keep media” setting.
    • Error in user verification process.
    • PHP 7.1 error in ancestors / descendants reports (“count function not on array”).