The latest release of Kiwitrees (version 3.3.3) consists of minor bug fixes and a few useful improvements to the software.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • New sanity checks
    • Children not in date order
    • Families not in date order
  • New research links
    • For Holland
    • For Australia


[accordions title=”Improved” open=”no”]

  • Updates to fanchart (Richard Cisee, at webtrees)
    • Update fanchart to v.1.5
    • Add “drag” option for fanchart
    • Add “zoom” with mouse-wheel
    • Update xenea style for latest fanchart
  • Add more detail to the unlinked media list
  • Add options to media download configuration (which member categories can download)
  • Change word break style to prevent breaking mid-word when wrapping text
  • Fix margins inside person boxes
  • Improve name searching in reports
  • Make theme select widget a permanent theme change (for admins only)
  • Add person’s age information to census tab display
  • Revise wrapping display for media notes
  • Update “backup to Dropbox” module to display dropbox errors
  • Update databases to allow for longer text storage
  • Upgrade CKEditor module to CKE4.8
  • CKEditor – make SCAYT the default spell check setting

[accordions title=”Fixed” open=”no”]

  • _WT_ not replaced in the database during upgrade.
  • Missing error catch in the upgrade process
  • No error log category for “create user” so defaulting to “error”.
  • Unidentified variable $par_id in function admin_placecheck
  • Correct accidental change to global name (KT_PASSWORDSCHECK)
  • Bad display of shared notes in census when a note is subsidiary of a source.
  • Contact messages not sent.
  • Edit shared note not showing note text
  • Function addmessage() not recognised
  • One instance of “create with census assistant not hidden before a date is selected
  • Registration mail process
  • Relationship chart. Too slow for long complex relationships. (Fixed by R Cissee)
  • Watermark on images not working
  • Last change (WT_Module should be KT_Module)
  • Census bug – issue when favourites enabled but no favourites were set.
  • MySQL 5.7 bug – need to remove “ignore” parameter.
  • Wrong syntax for unknown gender




Sanity checks




Media Download setting