Kiwitrees Version 3.3.2 – changes included in this release. 8th December 2017.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • New research plugins for the UK and Holland
  • Allow some markup in census notes for highlighting


[accordions title=”Improved” open=”yes”]

  • Add a webtrees theme menu icon for “Contact”
  • Updates to messaging system including a new widget: “contact users”
  • Convert placecheck to use datatables¬†– allows for column sorting on all columns
  • Updates to census assistant
    • Adjust style census search table
    • Avoid table overflowing display area (census summary tab)
    • Updated USA and Canada census templates (thanks to “PAB”)
  • Improve formatting of address (ADDR) tag
  • Prevent saving invalid dropbox token (“Backup to Dropbox” module”
  • Fix text wrapping in Administration > Site Logs
  • Simplify family tree title code to allow special characters such as hyphen, apostrophe etc.
  • Minor updates to stories module editing
  • Improve “Batch Update – search & replace” module workflow

[accordions title=”Fixed” open=”no”]

  • Update code for Dropbox API 2
  • Change “WT_” prefix to “KT_” throughout the system
  • Fix bug in census when not using census assistant
  • Fix bug Canada census 1901, 1891 missing option in age field
  • Fix bug census entry
  • Fix bug delete user tries to delete from message table that no longer exists (or at least is no longer used)
  • Fix bug error in Canada census templates
  • Fix bug error in confirmation email to new user
  • Fix bug invalid code in interactive tree
  • Fix bug missing CONT elements in NOTE display
  • Fix bug not wrapping long URLs
  • Fix bug update dropbox module to API v2
  • Fix bug “View Changes” not working
  • Fix bug hiding the footer in colors theme
  • Fix bug in formatText function. Unnecessary tree parameter.
  • Fix bug in sending message to users from admin
  • Fix bug in shared notes display
  • Fix bug preventing matching census dates for creation of hover-tips.
  • Fix error in family navigator links
  • Fix MySQL 5 bug in Research tasks report
  • Fix note display issues created in earlier changes
  • Login message error
  • Remove rotterdamds.php from research links




Census highlighting



User contacts widget





Batch update