Kiwitrees Version 3.3.1 – changes included in this release. 14th September 2017.


[accordions title=”New or significant changes” open=”yes”]

  • New email system
    • replaces the underlying library (PHP mail) with Swift Mailer
    • ensures compatibility with PHP 7.1
    • removes the rarely used kiwitrees internal messaging system
    • functional option to use text only or HTML for emails sent through kiwitrees.
  • New census assistant module
    • an improved version of the census assistant introduced in webtrees some months ago
    • easier to add new census templates. This release includes the existing UK and French templates plus:
      • Czech
      • Canadian
      • Danish
      • German
      • Irish
      • USA
  • Other new census related modules
    • The “UK census check” has been replaced by a new “Census Check” (Under the Reports menu) capable of listing missing census entries for any country there is a template for.
    • The “UK 1939 Register” is now treated by kiwitrees as a census (CENS) entry rather than a residence (RESI).
    • A new optional tab on each individual’s page titled “Census” is available to bring all that person’s census entries onto one page, as well as on the normal display of”facts and events”.
  • New database backup module
    • Replaces the MySqlDumpper add-on module.
    • Compatible with PHP 7.1
    • Now part of the standard kiwitrees code, but still optional (detailed FAQ on this to follow as soon as possible).
  • More new research plugins
    • UK –
    • NZ – New Zealand Gazette
  • New sanity check tools
    • duplicate marriage
    • having children at an older age
    • duplicate children names
    • empty tags
    • giving birth before age 14


[accordions title=”Improved”]

  • Rewrite “Change family members” tool to fix bugs and simplify user interface
  • Add “twin’ to associate drop down list
  • Add AGNC sub tag to custom event
  • Add autocomplete to custom facts
  • Add divorce to interactive tree detailed view
  • Add level 2 notes to individual report
  • Add marriage type labels to family report
  • Add “missing JavaScript” warning
  • Add name parts autocomplete to core code
  • Add special character icon to “link child to existing family” option.
  • Adding media – move TITLE input slightly higher in GUI
  • Calendar utilities – ensure menu blank if no utilities selected
  • Change email subject to show site name rather than “Kiwitrees”
  • Display parents ages on bapm / chr when there is no birth date
  • Ensure widget menu is removed if no widgets are active
  • FancyTreeView – use WT_OBJE_SORT settings when displaying media objects
  • Improve display of individial and family reports
  • Improve display when opening tree configuration page
  • Improve sort order of surname list tables (widget and block)
  • Fix PHP 7.1 issues
  • Print associate details on Facts & Events Report
  • Research plugin – add limits to FreeBMD date ranges
  • Sanity – only check age of death if person still alive
  • Save state of report settings
  • Upgrade galleria to 1.5.7

[accordions title=”Fixed”]

  • Adjust thumbnail sizes on family chart
  • Bug fix – Family Navigator
  • Bug fix – MEDIA – link to existing media object
  • Bug fix – Report > Marriages
  • Bug fix – Research Tasks Issue
  • Bug fix – Save User Record
  • Bug in ancestors report
  • Bug in FTV messaging
  • Bug in pedigree map
  • Bug in relateed families report
  • Bug in Tree config (Facts for new individuals)
  • Change US census place to USA
  • Correction to calendar utilities – config plugin names not translated
  • Correction to FTV “twice” texts
  • Correction to gro-uk research plugin (list page only)
  • Correction to tab_census
  • Corrections to census assistant
  • Corrections to UK census check tool
  • Corrections to xenea theme (save icon and small-screen search)
  • Do not try to format date if not in valid range
  • Errors in FancyImageBar
  • Errors in FancyTreeView controller
  • Exclude “work” folder from database backup installation
  • Fix broken media watermarks
  • Fix bug – gallery theme names should not be translatable
  • Fix bug – Admin Set default blocks
  • Fix bug – block edit function missing from widgets
  • Fix Bug – ClientiP()
  • Fix bug – FanChart
  • Fix bug – Fancy image bar
  • Fix bug – FTV on complex trees
  • Fix bug – Google Map state flags
  • Fix bug – source.php link to existing media
  • Fix bug in census asistant – not populating results in multiple individual records
  • Fix bug in edit family members
  • Fix bug in family navigator
  • Fix bug in Family report
  • Fix bug in FTV ancestors report
  • Fix bug in manage trees – no default gedcom option
  • Fix bug in Report – Family
  • Fix bug in user admin – unable to change password for existing user
  • Fix bug in widget journal
  • Fix bug preventing display of notes in name record
  • Fix bugs – Tabs not closing
  • Fix census problem with additionbal lines (no xref)
  • Fix error – NZ bmds research plugin
  • Fix error in block edit
  • Fix error in duplicate tags sanity check.
  • Fix error in FTV occupations
  • Fix error in manage trees
  • Fix errors in tree config links
  • Fix family navigator links not working. (2nd attempt)
  • Fix for MySQL 5.7 issue in indi and fam lists in sidebar
  • Fix incorrect link to fanchart in chart person links
  • Fix javascript bug (older IE browsers)
  • Fix linking to tabs for latest jQuery
  • Fix mysql 5.7 issue in stories tab
  • Fix MySQL 5.7+ related errors in lists
  • Fix research links – bug when individual has no data.
  • Fix small bug in new “change family members” code.
  • Fix style issue when images are missing
  • Fixing watermarks
  • HTML widget – default title not trasnalted
  • Improvements to new census summary tab
  • Minor layout change to stories tab
  • More fixed for census assistant
  • More fixes for MySQL 5.7+
  • PHP7.1 error in FTV
  • Report – Marriages – ensure name is a required input.
  • Revert “Fix bug in Report – Family”
  • Some improvement to create media code
  • Temp fix for bug in FTV (reported by UTI
  • Tidy up https/http code
  • Trap non-numeric values
  • Update to Danish language file
  • Updated Danish language files
  • Updated German language
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated research plugin (NL)
  • Updates to german language files
  • Updates to new messaging code
  • Validate server parameters




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Census assistant



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