The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.9) is now available. It can be downloaded from the downloads page at

For hosted clients, your sites will be  upgraded in the next few days.

For most users this is a very straight-forward, uncomplicated upgrade. But for a few there is just one minor issue to consider, so please do read the upgrade page
before you start.

As always, a list of all the changes is available on the changes list page complete with screenshots of the major items.

The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.8) is available.
Get this latest release of Kiwitrees now from the downloads page at

For hosted clients, your sites have been upgraded today.

This is a straightforward upgrade, with no special actions required. But do please read the upgrade page
anyway, and refresh your memory of the process.

The latest release of Kiwitrees is now available from the downloads page at

This is an easy but very important upgrade. No special actions are required, but please do refresh your memory about the upgrade process anyway. (see the upgrade page for instructions). It is important because this is a security upgrade.

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Security, SSL and HTTPS are three words that confuse many people. are ignored by many people. but are vital to the well-being of your family history data. They have always been mentioned in kiwitrees installation instructions but now might be the right time to act on the suggestions there. 2018 has already started out as the year we will all need to focus more on our family history web site’s security.
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With the summer / Christmas holidays now behind us, progress has begun again on kiwitrees-nova, so time for another update. One of the first developments is the choice of the third (and final, for now at least), “standard” theme. This one is Kaponga. Its name translates commonly as just “silver fern”, instantly recognisable as the emblem of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, and the name of our world-beating ladies netball team the Silver Ferns.

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