Kiwitrees provides family history software, and web hosting that is maintained for you, risk free and as private as you need.

Kiwitrees is a New Zealand business providing our free kiwitrees on-line genealogy software as well as our specialised web hosting service aimed at giving you the best possible platform for our software, regardless of where in the world you are based.

Or you can simply use the software on your own or any independent web hosting services.

But if you let us both supply and host the software for you it will be installed, set up, regularly upgraded to the latest version, help provided with any problems you have while using it, and we will ensure your data is fully protected and secure at all times.

All this for a price that is close to what you would pay for a decent web hosting service anyway! If you are not yet a client take a look at our kiwitrees demonstration site, then contact me to discuss your needs. You can see our very simple pricing plans on the Sign up page

Kiwitrees software itself is an ongoing development of the 2003 product “PhpGedView” (PGV) originally created by John Yalnif. PGV is no longer under active development, but kiwitrees most definitely is!

Here are just a handful of the features that make that possible:

  • A fully customisable menu system
  • Create your own "Home" page from a range of large and small configurable 'blocks'. Use one block for a graphical display, or multiple blocks for a more structured look.
  • Easily customised themes, and language translation files.
  • The ability to add detailed stories to any (or multiple) individuals, fully formatted with pictures and structured footnotes
  • Options to add menu links to other systems or software such as your own forum, blog posts or reference material
  • An album for pictures attached to each individual, as well as a site gallery for more general photos, even those hosted externally on Flickr or Picassa web

You can see examples on the Kiwitrees demonstration site or my own personal site, Our Families.