Kiwitrees news for the start of 2018
It's been a busy start to the new year. Kiwitrees-nova is coming together well. Some early glitches with new installations, but they are almost fixed now.
Some interesting new developments from the major web browser software companies and search engines to think about, and advance notification of the next minor update to kiwitrees.
Read below for more details on all these topics.

Website security, SSL and HTTPS

There are changes coming from web browsers and search engines over the course of 2018 that will have an impact on all websites. Kiwitrees is no different. It is something we should all be thinking about. I've written a blog post to explain what it's about, and how to respond.
If you are a kiwitrees hosting client there is a special note at the end of the blog that you should read.

Security, SSL and HTTPS - why should I care?

Security, SSL and HTTPS are three words that confuse many people. are ignored by many people. but are vital to the wellbeing of your family history data. They have always been mentioned in kiwitrees installation instructions but now might be the right time to act on the suggestions there.

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Kiwitrees version 3.3.3

The next release of kiwitrees (3.3.3) will soon be ready for release. Should be within the next 10 days. There are no major developments in it though, just some tidying up, and bug fixes. Some of the highlights include:
  • New "Sanity checks": Children not sorted by birth date and Families not sorted by marriage date
  • New Research plugin: Genealogy (South Australia)
  • Various bug fixes

Kiwitrees-nova development – update three

kaponga theme logo
One of the first developments for the kiwitrees-nova in 2018 is the choice of the third (and final, for now at least), “standard” theme. This one is Kaponga. Its name translates commonly as just “silver fern”, instantly recognisable as the emblem of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, and the name of our world-beating ladies netball team the Silver Ferns.

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