Copyright - N Osborne, 2015


The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.9) is now available. It can be downloaded from the downloads page at
For hosted clients, your sites will be upgraded in the next few days.
For most users this is a very straight-forward, uncomplicated upgrade. But for a few there is just one minor issue to consider, so please do read the upgrade page
before you start.
As always, a list of all the changes is available on the changes list page complete with screenshots of the major items.

New Features

There are just three "new" features in this release. I hope you find them useful. Check the changes list page for screenshots of these.
  1. A bulk delete option for unused media, and a CSV print for their file names
    • For “unused” media items (Administration > Media > Manage media > unused) you can now delete more than one at a time. The exact number may be limited by settings on your server. You can also export a list of the filenames of all unused items for offline analysis.
  2. Include PEDIgree sub-tag on add/edit child screens, and update its help text.
    • An often requested missing feature. You can now add or change the pedigree information (birth, adopted, fostered, etc) of children on their add or edit pages.
  3. New sanity check – media issues.
    • This new sanity check can list media objects where main or thumbnail file are missing, files have zero bytes (i.e. corrupted), or have no link to a GEDCOM record.

Other changes

The changes list page also has lists of "improvements" to existing features, and "bug fixes".