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The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.8) is available.
Get this latest release of Kiwitrees now from the downloads page at

For hosted clients, your sites have been upgraded today.

This is a straightforward upgrade, with no special actions required. But do please read the upgrade page anyway, and refresh your memory of the process.

New Features

As the main development focus is now on kiwitrees-nova, there will be fewer new features added to the current kiwitrees. This is primarily a simple matter of time available. I do most development alone, and there are not enough hours in the day to work on two products. However, some new ideas for kiwitrees-nova are a simple add-on to current kiwitrees, so I have added them in this version. These include:
  1. Compatibility with PHP 7.4
    • I believe this version to be fully PHP 7.4 ready. I have been using it for a couple of months now on my own site without noticing any issues. However, if you do use this version of PHP and find any issues just let me know on the support forum. They will be a high priority fix.
  2. Add Bookmarks to Quick Links widget.
    • Save a link to the page you are on, so you can easily return at a later date.
  3. Add new “Changes” tab for individuals, families, sources, notes and media.
    • Same information as at Administration > Family tree tools > Changes log, but only for the record you are currently viewing. (Note: should be displayed to managers only)
  4. Make the kiwitrees theme (only) drop-down login menu an optional module.
    • By simply disabling the block “Login menu” you can switch the kiwitrees theme to using the same link to a separate login page as the other themes.
  5. New configuration option – set minimum threshold for media types on statistics chart.
    • On the Statistics Chart > Other > Media objects by type, the chart can become meaningless if you have extreme numbers (high or low) across an equally extreme (high or low) array of “types”. This setting allows you to adjust the display according to your media groups. Some experimentation may be required to find the best entry for your needs.
  6. New sanity check – age differences between children.
    • Highlight families containing children where birth dates are only between 1 day and 9 months apart.

Other changes

Of course, no update is without a few bug fixes and general smaller improvements. These will definitely continue in parallel to kiwitrees-nova development. You can read about the full list on this releases' change list.


Progress is slow, but overall I am pleased with the way it is looking. It presents a much cleaner display, as well as working well on all types of computer devices.
A number of new features are being included, whilst trying hard not to make any significant changes to the user experience of kiwitrees you are accustomed to.
Over the next few months I aim to add a page on the site comparing the feature differences between current kiwitrees and kiwitrees-nova.
KTN-Screenshot 2020-10-20 15.28.17
KTN-Screenshot 2020-10-20 15.36.18
I'm sure you are all as weary of this subject as I and this cat are. But I just wanted to wish everyone well in these difficult times.
I am very aware how fortunate we are, in virtually covid-free New Zealand, and retired from having to work for a living. For my wife and I, life has changed very little. But we know that's not true for everyone.
A number of you have told me they, and many of their kiwitrees site users, are making good use of lock-down periods to work on their family tree. I hope that kiwitrees can provide perhaps a little respite from the worries this pandemic presents. My thoughts are with you all.