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Welcome to the final kiwitrees newsletter for 2017.

Some great topics for you this time, starting with the release of the latest version, kiwitrees 3.3.2. Then we have some early information about the future - "kiwitrees nova". It's what will be taking most, but not all of my focus in 2018, so I'm really hoping it will be a popular development. The articles here are just brief "tasters". Follow the links to read all the details at, and feel free to comment there about anything you like, don't like, or just want to know more about.
So enjoy the reading, have a great Christmas, and really wonderful New Year.

Catch you again in 2018.


Kiwitrees version 3.3.2 available for download

The latest release of kiwitrees (3.3.2) is now available from the downloads page at This is a maintenance release of mainly bug fixes and a few small improvements.

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Kiwitrees-nova, the next major version of the kiwitrees software, designed for all device sizes.
To start I should explain what “kiwitrees-nova” is.
Simply, it is the next major version of my kiwitrees software. The current version 3.3 will be the last major version I will release in the current format. There will be more minor versions such 3.3.2, 3.3.3 and on as I will continue to maintain it, keep it up to date for security issues etc. for as long as users need to keep using it. But I am hoping that might be less than two years.
Kiwitrees-nova is primarily a rewrite of all the display code. The underlying processing and storage code is pretty stable now so I will be leaving that alone as much as possible.
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Kiwitrees-nova development - update two

Progress in the last few days has been mainly focussed on the layout of charts, starting with the ancestry chart (and it's various options). Hopefully, decisions made for this one can be quickly copied to most of the other charts.

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