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The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.10) is now available. It can be downloaded from the downloads page at

This version brings compatibility with PHP version 8 (up to version 8.0.14), and MySQL version 8, plus a new Census Assistant for the England & Wales 1921 Census.

For hosted clients, your sites will be upgraded in the next few days.

The upgrade process is very straightforward, but due to the new versions of PHP and MySQL you should check the upgrade page before proceeding.

As always, a list of all the changes is available on the changes list page complete with screenshots of the major items.

New Features

Apart from the new features mentioned above, this version also includes, for the first time a complete translation into Turkish. Many thanks go to user Osman Öz for this excellent result. If anyone else has software they need translating to Turkish, I highly recommend Osman to them.

Thanks also to long-time user "macalter" for providing excellent support and assistance in the complex process of getting kiwitrees to compatibility with MySQL 8. Not many users have so far reported using this database, but we are at least ready for it when they do. It was first released on 9 April 2018.

Other changes

The changes list page also has lists of "improvements" to existing features, and "bug fixes".


For many reasons this development has taken far longer than originally anticipated. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

With some great help from user "clandav" it is finally once again back on track, with a determination for us to have a first release later this year.

Because of the amount of work required, there will be far fewer changes made to the current version of kiwitrees from now on. Anything security related, or necessary to maintain computability at least to PHP 8 will continue, but very little else.
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