The latest 2019 release of kiwitrees is now available for you to use.

Kiwitrees version 3.3.6 released

kiwitrees 3.3.6
The latest release of Kiwitrees is now available from the downloads page on

For hosted clients, your sites will be upgraded within the next day or two.

The image above shows one of the major changes in this release. Recently Google announced that the "Google Charts" service we had used for the statistics charts in kiwitrees (Charts > Statistics) was being phased out. To emphasise their point it subsequently disappeared for a time. To avoid a similar issue in future I have opted to replace all those charts with ones created using a javascript library already present in kiwitrees, the one used for the "fan chart". Hopefully, you will all find these an acceptable alternative.

Other changes

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  1. Add id numbers to the block names on the "Change the block on this page" pop-up, making a selection from multiple similar blocks easier.
  2. Add a pair of "missing birth/death" checks to the Sanity Checker tool. These include options defining your personal definition of "missing" to some degree.
  3. Create a new DNA tab where you can record basic data for DNA …
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Due to the need to re-work all of the statistics chart code, progress has slowed considerably over the last few months. But never fear, it will continue to grow! I'm not yet ready to estimate any dates, and it's certainly not ready for even trial use yet. But it is coming along nicely. Here is a quick snap of one of the new features - tabs on the "family" pages...