Kiwitrees user Roy Evans has just announced the publication of a new book developed in part by Roy’s family tree site of the Gohman(n) Family.

[testimonial5 author=”Roy Evans” company=”Gohman(n) Genealogy” ]As an aside, one of my users and I have recently published a book “Our Gohman Story, The Third Generation”. It is derived from the materials on my site. Googling the name will show you what the book looks like. It has had a great reception from the family and, surprisingly, some outsiders. We have just started work on a second book which will most likely be called “Our Gohman Story, The Immigrant Generations”. Just wanted to let you know that webtrees has value over and above pure research and web display.

Thanks again.[/testimonial5][clear]

Roy and Charlie’s book is available from most of the internet book stores at a very reasonable price.

New simpl_add-on – “Simpl_javascript”

The latest addition to the [span class=”hue”]Simpl[/span] range of add-ons is an updated version of the very popular webtrees custom_js module.

Its features and functions are the same, and updating is a simply a matter of replacing the existing module folder completely. The improvements are all in the presentation of the configuration page and the detailed explanations in the included ReadMe file.

Make webtrees stories module images open in “colorbox”.

Any one who has upgraded to webtrees 1.4.1 and uses the “stories” module, or our simpl_pages module will by now realise there is a new way to include images. The standard html code should be something like:

<img src="mediafirewall.php?mid=M738">

That is perfect if you only want to display a small image. But if you want to show a thumbnail image that you can click on to show the full size version, as you can in normal webtrees pages, you need only add a little more code. (Note: to do this you will need to edit the “source” of your story or page. It cannot be done with the editor.)

First, your <img> tag needs to be part of a link (<a> tag ), and second it needs a couple of specific tags within it to identify it to colorbox. But that’s all.  🙂  Here is the previous example, extended for colorbox:

<a alt="the title of your image" class="gallery cboxElement" href="mediafirewall.php?mid=M738"
type="image/jpeg" title="the title of your image">
     <img src="mediafirewall.php?mid=M738&thumb=1">

The key additions are

  1. The section class=”gallery cboxElement”. Without that colorbox will ignore it.
  2. The section title=”the title of your image is where you place the title that will be displayed on the colorbox pop-up. It would normally be the same as the necessary “alt” element of the link.
  3. The addition of &thumb=1 after the second media reference. This ensures the image thumbnail is used rather than the full sized image. You can leave that out if you do want to display the full sized image.

You also of course need to add css styles to the thumbnail image, to control it’s position and size, but that’s just part of the normal process of adding an image.
[h4]Further enhancement if you want to display PDF files in the same way.[/h4]
This requires a very slightly different format, changing type=”image/jpeg” to type=”application/pdf”. The code therefore becomes:

<a alt="the title of your image" class="gallery cboxElement" href="mediafirewall.php?mid=M738"
type="application/pdf" title="the title of your image">
     <img src="mediafirewall.php?mid=M738&thumb=1">

If you find this doesn’t work for PDFs on your site check how they open in the rest of webtrees. If they open in your browser and not the “colorbox” popup window it means you are using a theme that does not have colorbox PDF support included.

With some regret I have been forced to bow to the pressure of trying to stem the tide of spam comments on my blog posts. The stupid *%@#$%^&*$s  have been hitting the site with up to 100 “comments” per day. So I have resorted to limiting discussion to logged in (registered) users only.

That does NOT mean you have to be a full paying-client of kiwitrees’ hosting services, just that you must register before you can discuss my blog articles. Registration does require me to manually approve each one, otherwise I’d get as many of those as I do comment spam, but I’ll do it as quick as I can. If I know you from other forums, like, it will be even quicker  😀 , so do try to use the same user name.

I’m thinking that I might do the same for access to downloads of my simpl_add-ons. It will help me know who is using them, and mean I can provide better support and communication for updates. But that’s for another day.