Simpl_gallery3 released

The latest release in our “Simpl” webtrees add-on collection is simpl_gallery3.

This module is a replacement for simpl_gallery2, which used a javascript library that is no longer actively maintained. It now uses the jquery-based “Galleria” script from . The current version of Galleria is included in this module. No additional downloads are required, though additional themes are available from Galleria if you require them. It offers a number of important improvements including:

  1. an ability to display PDF files either with other media objects or as a separate album
  2. it can display externally stored image sets from Flickr or Picassa Web
  3. it comes with three default themes, two supplied by Galleria (called “Azur” and “Classic”), and an alternative “webtrees” based version (“simpl_galleria”), but there are also other themes available from the Galleria website; and it has a “full screen” display option.
Updates for simpl_add-ons

Today one new add-on has been completed. It is simpl_research, and adds a new sidebar containing very simplistic links to look for the displayed individual on popular research databases. For this first release it can search Ancestry (UK), Find My Past (Britain), and Family Search. I am happy to discuss (with no promises) adding more or better links on the kiwitrees support forums

Also, simpl_cousins has been updated to include a Dutch translation file. Thanks Chris Geets for that addition.