New addition to Simpl_addons – simpl_googlemap

The latest addition to the simpl_add-ons range has just been released.

Simpl_googlemap is a complete replacement for the standard “googlemaps” module, and the same as it except for the changes to Administration > Geographic data discussed in this webtrees Request for new feature.

It makes three changes to the Administration > Geographic place data screen:

  1. The ability to list active (default), inactive, or all places from the Google Maps “_placelocations” table.
  2. The ability to delete multiple places with a single click.
  3. The “Options” for importing, exporting, and adding places has been moved to a separate tab.
Progress on updating simpl_add-ons

Today an upgrade to simpl_mysqldumper has been released. This is a non-critical update that you do not NEED to do. The changes are mainly in tidying up code and improving the ReadMe file.

This makes the full list of modules updated for webtrees 1.4.3 so far as:

  1.  simpl_grey
  2. simpl_skyscape
  3. simpl_designer
  4. simpl_cousins
  5. simpl_menu2
  6. simpl_privacy
  7. simpl_mysqldumper

All others will be upgraded as soon as possible. It is taking a little time because as well as code improvements and bug fixes, we are re-writing all the ReadMe files to make them clearer and easier to follow. Don’t forget to ALWAYS read those before doing anything else with the module.