webtrees 1.4.3 released just days after 1.4.2

Shortly after the release of webtrees 1.4.2 was released a critical bug was found  😥 As a result, just 4 days later 1.4.3 was released.

Users can skip 1.4.2 and go straight to 1.4.3, or should immediately upgrade if they have already moved to 1.4.2.

The bug causes an eror message like “Fatal error: Call to a member function getEstimatedBirthDate () on a non-object in / www/htdocs/w00b0ceb/webtrees/edit_interface.php on line 1500”. You will only experience this bug if you are adding a child to an existing family that includes other children AND you have “Automatically approve edits by this user” enabled.

Translations for simpl_add-ons

Recently on the webtrees forum I posted a question titled Custom translations in add-on modules to get a feeling of how much interest there would be for including language (translation) files in each add-on that needs them.

Overall the response was positive, so this will be added progressively to all simpl_add-ons from now. In each product the ReadMe file will include a “Translation” section with something like the following instruction:

Where possible [this add-on] uses existing webtrees language items. These will therefore translate automatically wherever they are used.

Any new language items use the same “WT_I18N::translate()” format but require additional translation files. Some are included with this module in it’s “language” folder. For languages NOT included you have two options:

  1. You can translate them yourself using the process and any of the options in webtrees “custom translation” feature described here: Wiki: Custom translation, or
  2. you can email me the necessary translations. I will include them in the next release and if you wish supply you an immediate update for your own use. You can supply me the translation either in the form of a .po and compiled .mo file, or you can use the blank “en_US.po” file supplied in the modules’ language/po_files/ folder. That is a simple text file you can edit in any text editor. Just add your translation for each item in it’s empty “msgstr” line. Remember that certain phrases might need plural as well as singular versions or other variants.NOTE: please be specific about your translation. Options such as “you can use xxxx or yyyy” to translate this” are not helpful. I don’t have the knowledge of your language to make such a choice.

If you want to use a different set of translations to any supplied with this module you can do so either by changing the supplied .po/.mo files, or by deleting them and using your own custom translation file as described in 1. above.

Latest webtrees – 1.4.2 released

The latest version of webtrees (1.4.2) has just been released. All users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

This version includes approximately sixty bug fixes and improvements, though nothing major.

All kiwitrees client sites will be upgraded to this version in the next 24 hours.

We will also be working through updates for all the simpl_add-ons. An important reminder: you should always disable any add-on or modified theme BEFORE upgrading webtrees. Check that the standard product is successfully upgraded before re-enabling the custom items. Do that one item at a time, testing thoroughly as you go, so you know instantly which, if any are incompatible with the new version.