webtrees 1.3.2 released in last today (20th October 2012) !!!

The latest version of webtrees, 1.3.2, has been released (20th October 2012)
This latest release includes:

  • New “core” languages (Brazilian Portuguese and Ukrainian) and new “extra” language (Korean)
  • New “patrilineal” surname tradition.
  • Reduce some unnecessary steps during data entry.
  • Improve performance by re-factoring access to configuration settings.
  • Fix approximately 40 reported bugs.
  • Fix a privacy issue that can cause some privacy rules to be ignored.
New add-on for webtrees released here.

Simple_branches has just been added to our Simpl-add-ons selection.
This is a replacement for the standard webtrees Branches list (Main menu>Lists>Branches). It’s basic function is the same, but allows each family branch to be expanded or collapsed to make viewing easier. It also has an optional styling feature that can display numbering for each family member using the d’Aboville numbering system.