Special Xmas gift from webtrees

To give all its users a special Xmas gift webtrees has released the latest version, 1.2.6, slightly earlier than the normal schedule. This version, released on 23 December, contains bug fixes, a new translation (Icelandic), some minor design improvements, and a new sitemap module.

kiwitrees will have all its client sites upgraded in the next hour or so.

Another great update from webtrees

The latest release from webtrees (1.2.5) came out on 5th December. It includes a fresh new jQuery DataTables-based design for all the list pages plus many other improvements and bug fixes.

All our kiwitrees client sites were immediately upgraded in one trouble free process. So quick and straightforward we needed to email all our clients to tell them it had happened, in case they didn’t notice!

Updates and additions to our “Simpl” add-ons

Over the last couple of days we have been busy updating and improving our range of “Simpl” webtrees add-ons.

  • All of them are now fully compatible with the latest release of webtrees (1.2.5)
  • We have added the one so many people have requested, the “simpl_theme” I use own my own personal webtrees site Our Families.

We still have a couple more to add, so keep an eye on the add-ons page!