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    I completely understand this explanation, I think it’s a language/custom difference
    But I will try to explain a little more because I want to add this all in the same way and I ‘m searching for the best solution.

    From wikipedia (
    Traditionally there was little difference between the Christian name (doopnaam) and the name used in domestic spheres (roepnaam). If someone’s Christian name was Johannes, domestically he was called Johan, Jan or Hans.

    In my case Christian name/given name is Jan Willem, the name used in domestic spheres is Wim
    My father Christian name/given name Jan Willem, name used is Willem.
    My son Dirk Jan Willem name used Jan Willem

    Other example, man given name Mense, (roepnaam) Menno, but nickname in the family is Mennie

    If I search for translation of the dutch word roepnaam, nickname shows up, also given name and usual name. (Even calling name shows up.

    So I have different options.
    1 Make a mix of preferred names and nicknames and make a Faq to explain how the display is done.
    2 Make a note of the roepnaam
    3 use the AKA field
    What would you suggest?