Transifex is a modern, open-source localisation platform. It’s a web system which automates the translation workflow for complex international projects. Kiwitrees uses it to provide an easy to use platform for keen users help by translating kiwitrees into their language.

If you would like to help you just need to register at the Transifex web site, and become part of the kiwitrees translation team for your language.

[small_quarter]Register with Transifex[/small_quarter][clear]

You can register for free at https://www.transifex.net. Please use the same username you use here at kiwitrees.net so I can recognise who you are when I am asked to approve your kiwitrees team membership.

You can find the official translation page for kiwitrees at this URL: https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/kiwitrees/

[small_quarter]Joining a Transifex team[/small_quarter][clear]

To manage the process of who is translating what, there are teams for each language: https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/kiwitrees/teams/. Please create a new team for your language if there is not one yet, or request a membership to a specific language.

[small_quarter]Doing the translation[/small_quarter][clear]

Go back to the main ‘dashboard’ of the kiwitrees project page: https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/kiwitrees/. There you will see a list of the language files. To translate one of those just click on it. On the next side you can see some additional info and below is a list of the available languages. If your language is not listed, just click on Add Translation and choose your language. If your language is available, you can click on it. Now you get a popup with some options. You can upload your local .ini file and Transifex will find the translations automatically or you can click on Translate now. When you press on Translate now you get a new view with all strings which are translated or should be translated. Just fill your translations into the text fields and press save. Your done with this file, go to the next 😉
For further information visit http://docs.transifex.com/

Finally, don’t forget to check back regularly, as Transifex will automatically add any new translations as they are included in new kiwitrees developments. I will also try to give translators a week or so notice before each new release, so you can update any new translations before they are issued.

[small_quarter]After doing the translation[/small_quarter][clear]

The file you translate is a “.po” file. It then needs to be downloaded, and a “.mo” binary file created from it for use in kiwitrees. Under normal circumstances I will do that for all files at the time I am ready to prepare the next release of kiwitrees. But if you want to use your new translations immediately you can do that for yourself at any time. Just click on your language’s title, then select “Download for use” from the pop-up window. Once saved open the .po file in poEditor (or similar) and convert to the .mo file.